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Tannis Engel

Tannis Engel
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Through both her industry and life experience, Tannis brings to the table a fresh yet knowledgeable approach to the Industry. As co-founder of Ethos Realty, her commitment to excellence is evident in all she does!

What is your favorite movie quote (include movie title)?
My favorite movie quote is from the movie Forrest Gump
"Life is like a box of Chocolates. You never know what you are going to get"
I like this quote because it really does help explain to me the mystery of life.
Tomorrow is a new day and no one knows exactly what will happen next.
I find this very inspiring.
What is the most delightful word you can think of?
This word invokes the image of power and grace all at the same time.
What word would you add to the dictionary if you could? What would it mean?
Because sometimes things are just more fun than others but maybe not the funnest of all.
There is a gap there in our language that needs to be filled.
Who do you admire the most and why?
Lady GaGa
Strange answer I know but she is such a talented person. Her singing voice is amazing.( I can't sing but I would love to be able to)
She plays the piano beautifully.
She is a real person despite all of the fame and the difficulties that that brings with it.
She seems very grounded and really cares about the world.
She understands that being a musician who is famous is really a very shallow reality.
She tries to use her fame to get important messages out to the world and I like that.
What was your favorite book growing up and why?
"A Prayer for Owen Meany" By John Irving
The novel deals with serious spiritual issues, such as faith, matters of social justice, and the concept of fate, in the context of an outlandish narrative.
Throughout the novel, the main characters, John and Owen, both offer criticisms of organized religion and religious hypocrisy.
However, the spiritual dimension is repeatedly emphasized by Owen's foretelling of his own impending death.
He is quite certain that he will die because he is an "instrument of God" and thus will serve some good and important purpose.
This book takes many twists and turns and keeps you thinking at all times.

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