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Service Agreements

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Seller - Private

Tenant (Leasing)

Ethos-Branded Generic (Fillable)

Ethos-Branded Short-Form (Fillable)

Ethos-Branded "Service Request Form" (Fillable / Similar to Short-Form)

Quick Links - Common Transaction Forms

Trade Record Sheet (Fillable PDF)

MREA Offer to Purchase Residential (New RESA 2022 Version)
Property Disclosure Statement (Fillable PDF)

Condition Removal / Satisfaction (Branded - Fillable PDF)

Conditions Fullfilled - Seller (Fillable PDF / 2023)

Conditions NOT Fullfulled - Seller (Fillable PDF / 2023)

Conditions Fullfilled - Buyer (Fillable PDF / 2023)

Conditions NOT Fullfilled - Buyer (Fillable PDF / 2023)

General Purpose Schedule (Fillable PDF)
Conditon Waiver (Fillable PDF)
Condition Extension (Fillable PDF)

Condition Change (Fillable PDF)
Working With a REALTOR Form (Fillable PDF)
Awknowledgement of Limited Joint Representation (Fillable PDF / 2023)

Change of Possession Date (Fillable PDF)

Written Disclosure - For Registrant Trading in Real Estate (Fillable PDF / 2023)

General Amendment Agreement (Fillable PDF / 2023)

Amendment Agreement For Use with Old OTP Forms

Listing Forms

To Accompany All Listings Form

Listing Contract (Fillable PDF)
Exclusive Listing Contract (MREA)

Direction of Seller Regarding Showings and Offers (Fillable PDF)
Property Disclosure Statement (See under "Quick Links" above)
Customer Contact Information
List of Competing Offers (Fillable PDF / 2023)

Feature Sheet Request Form

Property Details Sheet (For your own reference)

REALTOR® Cooperation Disclosure and Consent Form

FINTRAC Forms (Fillable PDF Files - Updated February, 2024)

Individual I.D.
Corporate I.D.
Receipt of Funds
Manditory Agent Agreement

FINTRAC FAQs (Updated December, 2023)

Note: Commission cheques will not be released for any transactions with outstanding FINTRAC.

Condo Forms (Purchase)

MREA Condominium Offer to Purchase (New RESA 2022 Version)
Receipt of Condo Docs (Fillable PDF)
Condition Satisfaction (Fillable PDF)
Condition Waiver (Fillable PDF)

Condo Forms (Listing)

Listing Contract
Form 2B - Disclosure Statement by Seller
Form 4 - Right to Cancel / Cooling Off
Form 5 - Right to Cancel / Material Change
Form 6B - Table of Contents / Disclosure Statement
Form 7 - Seller's Notice of Material Change

Internal Forms

Trade Record Sheet (Fillable PDF)
Vacation Notice for Agents
Office Listing Participant List (Last updated June 7, 2021)
Follow-Up Package Order Form (Fillable PDF)
Ethos Email Set-Up for Smartphones

Ethos Information Package for Buyers and Sellers (Post Sale / Last updated: June 26, 2023)

Referral Form (Please send a copy to the office once completed)

Certificate and Consent (To assist REALTORS® in legal compliance with the Prohibition on the Purchase of Residential Property by Non-Canadians Act)

Certificate and Consent of Purchaser - Individual (Fillable)

Certificate and Consent of Purchaser – Corporation or other Entity (Fillable)

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